Upper Coomera | Queensland

60 Gumtree Crescent

60 Gumtree Crescent

Project Highlights

Complex site analysis informing site-specific design outcome for a unique Community Title development on a significant ridgeline.
Landscape design principles and collaboration with the wider project consultancy team guided the placement and layout of the dwellings and ensured the retention of vegetation and provision of generous open space areas.
The landscape concept ensured amenity was retained and improved within the site and the development responded positively to the surrounding natural environment, and hinterland character of the area.
LEAD Consultants were engaged to prepare a Statement of Landscape Intent for 60 Gumtree Crescent in Upper Coomera. An understanding and analysis of the site’s regional and local contexts, topography, solar and environmental conditions, view lines and access informed the landscape design which was deeply grounded in the site and proposed sensitive landscape design with significant open space and retention of surrounding significant vegetation.
60 Gumtree Crescent - Upper Coomera | Queensland


As the proposed development had the potential to impact a significant ridgeline in addition to native vegetation, significant site analysis was required to enable the thoughtful application of design principles. Ensuring the development of Community Title dwellings did not negatively impact the visual amenity and vegetative cover of the surrounding area was a key consideration for this project.

Our Approach

The landscape design utilised the planting of mature native and feature trees surrounding the dwellings to ensure the visual impact of the development was minimised and integrated into the surrounding landscape. The existing site vegetation was retained, and significant buffer plantings and open space areas were created to ensure vegetative cover was retained as the predominant feature in the landscape.

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