Blue Care Significant Refurbishment Program

Blue Care Significant Refurbishment Program

Project Highlights

Effectively and efficiently providing services for a comprehensive refurbishment program to various aged care facilities all across Queensland.
Development and implementation of a streamlined procurement process which enables better value for money in a program of works.
Delivering the program under the total budget while exceeding on all project KPI’s.
Lead Consultants were engaged as Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor and Superintendent for a program of works valued at 55 million dollars. The works involved the refurbishment of 36 Aged Care Facilities across Queensland in accordance with the Department of Social Services guidelines for a Significant Refurbishment. The process involves Project Management, cost estimates, feasibilities, budget reporting/allocation, cost forecasting, programming, coordination and management of consultants, contractors and approvals, contract negotiations/administration and extensive stakeholder engagement.
Blue Care Significant Refurbishment Program - Queensland


Lead Consultants were managing up to 10 projects underway at any one time. As a result, Lead Consultants were coordinating with up to 130 individual stakeholders, balancing their various wants and needs across a total of 36 facilities.

In addition to the above, the age and condition of each facility varied between one another which resulted in scope changes/alterations between each facility and their requirements.

Our Approach

Lead Consultants established an appropriate communication flow for all stakeholders in addition to scheduled meetings. This ensured all stakeholders were kept well informed of all upcoming works and project milestones while being held accountable for individual action items.

Due to the differences between all the facilities, each ‘standard scope of works’ was individually tailored to each facility to ensure the specific requirements were met at each facility.

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