Blue Care - Front Entry Signage Statements

Blue Care - Front Entry Signage Statements

Project Highlights

Re-branding and creation of an identity for Blue Care’s front entry statements which is consistent with their ideology and company profile.
Project management of front entry signage upgrades across multiple Queensland sites throughout the entirety of the project from concept through to construction and project completion.
The entry statement design involved the use of sophisticated and robust materials including bluestone clad signage walls, aluminium composite timber feature batten, acrylic signage lettering and feature LED uplighting.
Lead Consultants were engaged to generate a new front entry signage treatment and identity for Blue Care’s Aged Care Facilities. This involved the development of a Front Entry Signage Principles document which provided a considered design guideline for a more suitable and contemporary identity to be rolled out across multiple Blue Care sites. These principals ensured that a consistent treatment could be used to more strongly identify Blue Care facilities generally, with site-specific design occurring as required to facilitate the entry statements.

Following the development of the design principles, over 30 facilities across Queensland were then selected by Blue Care for upgrades and the designs were implemented. Lead Consultants were engaged to project manage the entire process from concept development of the design principles, to construction documentation for individual sites, project tender and construction and contract administration services. The process involved stakeholder engagement and management of multiple parties across Blue Care sites.
Blue Care - Front Entry Signage Statements - Queensland


As the scope of the project included sites from all across Queensland, maintaining a consistent brand identity while also being mindful of variances in site requirements and layouts was significant. As each site was dealt with individually once design principles were formalised, effective communication was required to efficiently roll out the project to the substantial amount of stakeholders.

Our Approach

The design principles focused on a consistent hardscape treatment to the Blue Care entry walls across multiple sites. However, the softscape treatments and plant palette were determined on a site-specific level to ensure plants suited to the site’s context and climatic conditions were used. Each site by nature was designed differently, but the overarching hardscape palette was retained to create a consistent treatment across the sites.

Prior to the commencement of the design process for each Blue Care site entry statement, a communication flow diagram and contact list was developed to outline the communication process and effectively manage all stakeholders and parties involved. Stakeholder engagement was undertaken at each site to ensure a level of shared understanding was reached and importance was placed on communication with each facility manager as to ensure all parties were involved and disruptions to the daily lives of residents and staff during construction was minimised.

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