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Roma Hospital

Roma Hospital

Project Highlights

Brand New Student Accommodation Precinct, which includes 20 bedrooms, communal kitchens, recreation spaces, swimming pool and outdoor entertainment areas.
Development and Project Management provided throughout concept and schematic design with Superintendency to be provided during the construction period.
“This precinct will set a new benchmark in regional student accommodation standards across Queensland” – Hon. Cameron Dick
LEAD Consultants are engaged as development and project managers and will further be the superintendent throughout construction. LEAD is responsible for the $5,950,000 development and construction project to create a new student accommodation precinct near the new $70,000,000 Roma Hospital. LEAD has been involved from stakeholder consultant and engagement, workshops, design meetings, budget and value management, development approval, tendering and procurement and contractor management. Commissioning and handover will take place later in the project.
Roma Hospital - Roma | Queensland


Stakeholder management is a major focus for this project. Hosting stakeholder consultations with multiple health groups and various end users has proven to be a challenge, as there are many influencers that need their voices to be heard. Additionally, delivering a quality product within the defined budget that was set per grant funding will require strong attention to detail and communication with each stakeholder. The site itself presented many physical restraints which has led to a novel way of building pavilion type hubs whilst avoiding typical demountable buildings of the past.

Our Approach

LEAD Consultants helped Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) submit and receive a development approval to move forward with construction works. This process took place over the course of one year and involved coordination among EDQ, Town Planner, Consultants and high-level stakeholders. Towards the end of this process, procurement activities began to identify a suitable contractor to undertake a design and construct contract. The contractor was identified, and value management workshops were completed to ensure the most cost-effective approach is taken for this project. Moving forward until the end of the project, LEAD will continue to work as project managers and additionally as superintendent to oversee the contract between EDQ and the contractor.

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