Tugun | Queensland

O’Connor Street

O’Connor Street

Project Highlights

Developed concept design of the landscape to achieve relevant Council approvals
A collaborative approach towards landscape design with client and architect to deliver an integrated and considered design.
The utilisation of high-grade materials and finishes to create a stylish design consistent with the architectural language of the project.
LEAD were engaged to prepare a Statement of Landscape Intent for a new high-end apartment development on O’Connor St in Tugun. The landscape design included softscape and hardscape treatments to the ground floor and roof terrace along with feature planting areas to levels 1 and 2. The design incorporated high-quality materials and finishes and feature planting to create a unique visual identity for the development while utilising a mixed hardy tropical plant palette to effectively deal with the exposed beachside conditions of the site.
O’Connor Street - Tugun | Queensland


The proposed development was constrained by its lack of available areas for deep planting due to basement level and an interpretive and flexible set of design principles were required to address landscape to the development. This included the idea of borrowed landscape on view points along with vertical and sprawling plants to utilise architectural elements not usually considered part of the landscape.

Our Approach

LEAD approached the design with the understanding that the available areas for planting were not only the available frontage and side planting areas, but the architecture itself provided a framework for which landscape can be applied. Climbing plants were used to climb the central vertical column of the building to create a colourful feature and effective softening element to the development. The feature raised planters to balconies utilised species which sprawl out over the built form and hang from the balconies to blur the lines between built and natural elements in the development and enhance the unique aesthetic of the project.

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