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Gold Coast Brewery

Gold Coast Brewery

Project Highlights

Complex site analysis informing site-specific design outcome for a unique brewery on the Gold Coast.
Landscape design principles and collaboration with the wider project consultancy team guided the placement and layout of the terrace area and ensured great potential for social interaction and service without hindering the functional operation of the brewery.
The landscape concept ensured the development responded positively to the surrounding urban environment and allowed for positive amenity and recreation potential
LEAD were engaged to prepare a Statement of Landscape Intent for a proposed brewery located in the southern region of the Gold Coast. An understanding and analysis of the site’s local context, topography, solar and environmental conditions, view lines and access informed the landscape design which aimed to create a unique sense of place for the brewery. The design took visual cues from the architecture and the site’s intended use and applied them within the landscape, as well as aiming to encourage outdoor dining, entertainment and positive social interaction.
Gold Coast Brewery - Gold Coast| Queensland


The nature of the development as a brewery meant that a balance was required between the layout and effective provision of front of house bar and dining areas versus ensuring the functional brewery and back of house services were allowed for. The landscape design focused on organising the intended site uses and users through the layout of spaces to provide the most opportunity for leisure and hospitality whilst enabling the effective operation of the site as a brewery.

Our Approach

The landscape design focused on creating a distinct and immersive front of house experience to the well exposed street frontage with the provision of overlapping feature terraces with multiple uses including formal and informal seating, outdoor games and childrens play area. Trellis and feature arbour structures were used to screen and delineate the edge of the beer garden and hotel terrace. Screening to the back of house carpark and services areas ensures good potential for amenity and landscaping without hindering any of the functional operation of the brewery. Feature pavement patterning was proposed to the carpark and driveways to further enhance the unique sense of place the projects aimed to achieve.

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