Blue Care - Landscape Assessment

Blue Care - Landscape Assessment

Project Highlights

Creation of a consistent landscape assessment strategy which allowed for the assessment and comparison of 45 Blue Care sites.
Development of 8 specific design precincts which allowed each site to be broken down and assessed fairly. These precincts also established a hierarchy of landscapes and allowed for the identification of key areas for implementation of future landscape upgrades.
Individual landscape assessment reports were completed for the 45 sites which combined to form the overall assessment summary and informed the implementation strategy.
Lead Consultants were engaged to undertake comprehensive landscape assessments of 45 existing Blue care facilities across Queensland. This process involved the development of an assessment methodology and ‘Assessment Sheet’ which broke down each site into a maximum of eight precincts and itemised the landscape elements for assessment. The assessment sheet allowed each precinct to be given a score of 1-5. This allowed a fair and consistent comparison of the multiple sites and assisted in producing an implementation strategy for future improvements.
Blue Care - Landscape Assessment - Queensland


How to approach fairly and consistently comparing the quality of landscape across multiple sites of differing existing condition and age, location, size, uses etc.

Our Approach

Lead Consultants developed a clear assessment strategy which broke the landscape into definable precincts allowing for fair and consistent assessment across differing sites. The assessment strategy resulted in the development of a design language and clear implementation strategy for future landscape upgrades.

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