The Superintendent's role is a complex one that requires a sound understanding of contractual and other legal obligations. It requires professional judgment, technical skill, and an ability to manage the competing interests of those parties affected by the Superintendent's decisions and directions. For that reason, the QBCC has dictated that in order to act as Superintendent, a person must be licenced under the QBCC Act. Both LEAD Consultants and its Senior Project Managers individually carry the necessary licences.

LEAD Consultants' team of experienced Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Contract Administrators can confidently manage the various functions required of a Superintendent and LEAD Consultants has consistently performed as Superintendent on numerous projects.

The Superintendent is also required to assess and certify claims for payment, extensions of time and variations to the contract. In this role, the Superintendent must act as a determiner and valuer under the Contract. LEAD Consultants will act honestly, fairly, impartially and without bias when certifying any claims to ensure you are not in breach of your obligations under the Contract. The types of issues we may be asked to certify include:

In circumstances where the Superintendent acts as agent for you, LEAD Consultants will act in your best interests and in accordance with the contractual obligations. LEAD Consultants is your representative in administering and enforcing the contract Terms and Conditions. Good Superintendency avoids costly legal traps and disputes.

Specific functions performed when acting as agent include issuing directions to the Contractor on behalf of the Principal such as:

LEAD Consultants performs all of the above work so you don't have to. LEAD Consultants' mission is to reduce work for you and ensure your project runs smoothly.