A Client's dream office relocation project: your employees leave the office one business day and commence work at their new location the following business day with all technologies and facilities operating correctly. With the assistance of LEAD Consultants' experienced team of Move Managers this dream becomes a reality.

LEAD Consultants offers seamless solutions to our Clients by managing every aspect of the transition. LEAD Consultants actively works with our Clients for continuous input and feedback to deliver optimal results within the project budget, timelines and requirements. LEAD Consultants provides our Clients a worry and trouble-free approach by foreseeing key critical issues before project commencement and implementing mitigation strategies to ensure a successful delivery.

A Move Manager's role is extensive. There is a significant amount of work involved in preparing employees for the transition and the new behaviours they will need to adopt. A successful office relocation project requires consistent leadership, organisation, personal attention, communication, administration, and programing of the highest quality to facilitate a stress-free move. LEAD Consultants delivers in all of these areas, ensuring the following for our Clients:

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